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selangkah engkau pergi, seribu langkah aku mengejarmu..
sekelip mata engkau hilang, seluruh pelusuk ku cari..
setinggi mana engkau membawa diri akan aku daki..
sedalam mana kau cuba menyembunyi akan ku selami..

~Dear God, pls make my heart strong…i’m done with crying.


For The Rest Of My Life – Maher Zain

i love this song. the lyrics make me crying. thank you sayang for this song. i really2 appreciated it.


why is so hard to find a pure love in this world? i heard so many unfaithful love around me. the husband married another woman, the girlfriend have another scandal behind her lover, the wife is crazy with another man..

one of my girl said to me that u cannot trust a guy easily because u will get hurt in the end. i do agree what she said. i admit that men is the most ignorance creatures in the world. they usually don’t understand what love is about.

but what about the women who are cheating to their partner? if u have someone that love u so much, why do u need to find another guy who treat u like shit? why don’t u appreciate what u have? u know there are so many girls out there who is looking someone to love them. doesn’t mean u have a beautiful face u can get any guy in this world.

until one day i asked one of my friends, why she need to have someone else besides her boyfriend? and then she said that her boyfriend used to have another girl behind her back, when she devoted her love to him, the boy got some feelings to another girl.. there is how it goes. i know deep down her heart still hurting and she still love her boyfriend because i can see she tried to hold her tears.

see, u never know how much meaning of LOVE from the eye of a woman. we just need some attention from u. we don’t care about your face, your money, your popularity..what we want is your love. we will chase u while we still have a heart, but one day.. when we are tired, we will stop. stop loving u.


i just try to be a woman for u..but i can’t, i guess i’m still a girl who always feeling insecure…

a word



you will never know that i’m hurting…it’s frustrating..

1st anniversary


~thank you baby..i love you.

apologize (tribute to my EX BF)

i was thinking… the person that i really wanted to apologize is my EX BOYFRIEND..

i am so sorry what i have done to you..i broke your heart..i was being rude to you. all i think was… u will thanked to me one day

to be frankly, you are very kind and funny guy.. but the problem is me, i care about u but i’m not in love with u. i like to be with u but i don’t want to be your life. i felt very guilty when i leave u but i wasn’t regret my decision.
now, u have found your own soulmate and you’re very happy with her. i told u..and thanx to you because i also met my mr. right and he teaches me what is the true love about. i hope u can forgive me dude.

~GOD knows everything what HE did.

untuk khairul amin

hey sayang..

thank you for your love

thank you for your patience

thank you for accept all my weakness

thank you for make me the luckiest girl in the world

thank you for the protection

thank you for the advices

thank you for the laugh, smile, tease, hugs, kisses

thank you for all the happiness

~ you’re the best!

p.s i love u

i miss u dear

~I adore him..I have never been so happy. I have real love.~

quotes by : Princess of Wales Diana

i guess i can feel what are u feel princess..=)