Monthly Archives: April 2010

working life

working life is not really bad i guess. since i work at STMicroelectronic as a planner, i feel that my life has been completed. i know it is too early to say that,but i just being an optimistic person. i know working is not an easy thing, i want to start my new life and i need to face any kind of situation. what can i say is i need to be strong and independent. this is the time that i need to build my career and life. i’m far from my family and friends. i need to adapt with the environment and the new social life here. trust me, it is not an easy thing..

lucky me, all my colleague and my house mates are so nice. but i think the work is too pressure i guess..anyway, i accept it as a challenge..there are so much thing that i need to learn. sometimes when i’m alone, i miss my friends, i miss my student life but i know everyone is moving on because we are an adult.hehe.

~always counting the days to meet him