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top 10

list your top 10 hot guys/women and list it from bottom to top (for the suspense).
Google the images of your list, and paste it here! Tadaa! Rearrange the list again if you want to too.

no 10 ( chase – laguna beach rock star )

NO 9 ( chace crawford – the reason why i watch gossip girl )

NO 8 ( wentworth miller – gorgeous eyes )

NO 7 ( ikuta toma – i think he’s so adorable )

NO 6 ( nicky byrne – i used to have a big crush on him when i was in high school)

NO 5 ( jensen ackels – funny guy always make me feel awesome )

NO 4 ( ryo nishikido – “mysterious” )

NO 3 ( jared padalecki – i admire his shyness )

NO 2 ( chad michael murray – superhot! )

NO 1 ( my heart – erk???hehe..this image is not in google..but if u total up from NO 2 until NO will get it…hehe )


14 february is more than a valentine’s day..

my friends and I went to Bukit Cherakah at Shah Alam..
we just wanted to have fun and spend time together..
(me,alia,sya,paan,difa,fiqi,lola,rain and haziq) we were cycling and it was soooo tired since i’m not an active person. usual we taking so many pictures and record some was really fun. since we are all in the final year, i guess i want to spend more time with them before everybody walking through thier own life..

here are some pictures we’re taking at bukit cherakah




ok, back to the story..after i came back from Bukit Cherakah, of course it’s time for my amin..=)he just finish his “sepak takraw” tournament and we went to the park.we talking,laughing,making fun with each other..owh yeah,btw..14 feb its a valentine day right?we didn’t celebrate it because everyday is our valentine day..hehe.

on the night, amin sent me “i love u, i love u, i love u….so much i love u” message..=)i love u more than anyting my dear..thanx for all the happiness and whatelse i can’re the best!

~tired + happy = sweet dreams=)

wish list

i want to be a good girl

i want to make my parents proud with me

i want to be a successful carrier woman

i want to be a good wife and loving mother

i want to be someone that can contribute something to her religion and country

~this is all i need..

breast cancer

breast cancer is the number one killer among women, here some fact about it..

Common symptoms of breast cancer include:

1) A change in how the breast or nipple feels

2) A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area

3) A change in how the breast or nipple looks

4) A change in the size or shape of the breast

5) A nipple turned inward into the breast

The skin of the breast, areola, or nipple may be scaly, red, or swollen. It may have ridges or pitting so that it looks like the skin of an orange.

Early breast cancer usually does not cause pain. Still, a woman should see her health care provider about breast pain or any other symptom that does not go away. Most often, these symptoms are not due to cancer. Other health problems may also cause them. Any woman with these symptoms should tell her doctor so that problems can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

~how are you there, MAMA?? rest in peace..may Allah bless you and i just want to say that i miss you..