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awak2..awak tau x :

1) awak sangat relaks dan awak buat saya gilakan awak

2) awak buat jantung saya xberhenti berdegup laju bila saya dengan awak

3) bila saya nak marah awak selalunya mesti xjadi sebab awak selalu buat hati saya cair

4) saya boleh lihat masa depan saya dengan awak

5) bila dengan awak saya rasa masa sentiasa xcukup

6) saya sangat excited bila nak jumpa awak

7) saya akan menangis bila saya fikir kalau awak tinggalkan saya

8) saya selalu berdoa dekat tuhan yg awak sentiasa selamat dan happy walau kat mana2 pun awak ada

9) saya nak jadi yang pertama dan yg terakhir utk awak. boleh?

10) saya cintakan awak sepenuh hati saya..

~ awak lelaki saya..KHAIRUL AMIN..


long journey with a beautiful ending

i just came back from my cousin’s wed at’s a long journey. me and my cousins were in the same car.. we having a lot of fun although our time at kedah is time we MUST travel somewhere and do a lot of crazy things. i bought new tudung and some foods at pekan rabu for amin. i didn’t know what to give for him as souvenir so i just bought some junk foods…hehe. sorry dear.
after the wedding, we straight back to malacca. and today, my dad bring us to wetworld before going back to sepang. my tiredness is not fully recovered and thank to him for the great idea.
when i just arrived at home, amin called me and he said that he want to come to my house tomorrow..i want to cook for him tomorrow=) but i have no idea what i want to cook..erm..can’t wait to meet you dear.

~i miss u like hell my lover..!

CINTA MATI..(for you dear)

~cintaku sedalam samudera..setinggi langit diangkasa..
cintaku sebesar dunia…seluas jagad raya ini kepadamu~

~HE knows everything~

last night i received one text from my friend :

F : jija chan! F dpt telekom kt cyber!

Me : serius?wah!congrats. die col ke td?

F : Mak F yg kol. Surat smp umah. lega skit. sekuang2nye dh ade tmpt.
F arap2 dpt YTL. nk ongkos! xnk free.

Me : owh. telekom xde elaun ke?xpela, okla tu atleast da dpt.

after i received the text, i was worried..what if i didn’t get any place for internship this april??right now i’m just hope that i can do my internship at ALPS but they still didn’t contact me.. i know it was too early too worried but i just worried..hehe..i send my resume to 3 company only because all of them near my place. my dad still want me to stay at home..sometimes i’m jealous with my friends, they can stay with their friends and having fun any time they want. as for me i need to divide my time..for studies, family, friends and myself..that’s why i think i can’t give full commitment especially to my studies. i’m not a clever student so i think i need two times long as i can be strong i think everything’s gonna be ok. i try my best and live life to the fullest. for me what’s happened to my life make me more mature and independent.

~thanks Allah for all YOUR gift~

~dirty little secret~

10 thing most people don’t know about me :

1) i always care what people talk about me..*looks like i don’t care huh??*

2) most people think that i am playgirl, but i just looking who is the best for me..*yeah..i found him finally*

3) i always get confused..focus on the word “always”

4) i learn the right thing from my 100x mistakes..

5) i used to have an imaginary friend when i was kid

6) i trust people easily

7) i may forgive but i may not forget

8) when people tell me their secret,usually i forget what is it about *so their secret safe with me..hehe*

9) my chentahati is my FIRST love

10) most people don’t know that i have a blog….

~certain thing better we keep as a secret..=)~

~he is my prince charming and i am his cinderella..=)~

~i adore him for a longgggggg time..i always wish to be his girlfriend..hehe~

i knew him since i was in foundation year. btw, let just called him chentahati okie? We’re in the same english and physics class..when 1st time i saw him, i’m not noticed about his good looks, but his face remind me with one of my cousin. and my cousin is a little girl..=) day after day, i felt like i attracted to him because of his personality. he’s look so cool, low profile and mystery. i am dying to know about him..and thank for this attendance list which have all the student’s emails. and of course i start to stalk him..haha. i search him in friendster using his email address. and….i found it!!yes2..atleast i knew a little bit about him. i sent him a “smile” and he replied. that moment, i just wish..”waa,bestnye kalau dpt jadi girlfriend die..”. gelojoh x??hehe.

that’s all i can do because i’m not going to ask his number and make a first move..we start closed on our third year and of course after i broke up with my ex-bf. one of his friend helped and gave me some advice to not gave up with chentahati…*thanx ye dr. love*. on that moment i never put so much hope to our relationship. it’s enough for me to be his friend but of course i want more that that kan….hehe. it’s just that time my life is not really stable after my mom passed away. my priority is just my family and studies..but my feelings towards him is just not love.. it’s more than that..i’m IN LOVE with him.

On 11/9/2008..the time that i’m not expected. he confessed to me that he’s in love with me and he keep thinking about me.i just can’t say any any any thing because i’m just too too too happy..=) i promise to appreciate and love him with all my heart..Sayang, you’re my world..

~truth is i will love you until my very last breath takes you from me..~

~what should i do..??~


*they are my ISLAM*

*how  i wish to help them and bring all the children to my house*

*i will give them  comfortable place, food, education and all the happiness*

*play with them and enjoy thier kid’s life*


it’s just too good to be true…..

~live well, learn plenty, laugh often, love much..~

i’m so excited about future but in the same time i feel afraid…there are so many things that i want to achieve in this life…but here’s 4 important thing i need to highlight..

*i want to complete my degree*

*i want to go “umrah” before i get married*

*i want to be an engineer..that’s my first choice..otherwise i’ll continue to further my studies in MBA*

*i want to be his soulmate…=)hehe*